IMPORTANT: Before you apply it is essential you read a little bit about us to make sure that you meet our requirements. And ensure that DEVGRU is the right unit for you.

  • PRIORITY! To not be easily offended, able to take a joke and have a decent sense of humor!
  • Join our Teamspeak  (click) before you apply.​
  • 18+ (possibility of age restrictions waived upon other requirements met).
  • Must speak English.
  • A serviceable mic (absolutely no cancer mics will be accepted).
  • Receptive to orders, tactics, planning and strategy.
  • Must have experience or at minimum be confident commanding in a CQB environment.
  • Willing to lead and succeed in operations across all games.
  • Not be a member of any other realism/milsim unit.
  • Attend operations​ and be an active member of the community.

We coined the term “War-sim” to best describe what we’re all about here at NSWDG. We focus on the intricacies of war in order to give our members a true immersive experience. Utilising every value arma has to offer we draw from our clan members experiences to create challenging and dynamic missions.
We aim to recreate the battlefield of today and what warfare operators experience through detailed mission planning, organisation and structure but also the freedom that comes with such a specialised and closely connected unit.
Rather than focusing on the traditional mil sim-style clan structure and game play mechanics that most arma clans adhere to, we want to completely shatter the basic standard. We aren’t focused on seniority, rank or other types of administrative bullshit. We aren’t interested in restrictions, strict clan doctrine, zero deviation from clan narrative or any other menial types of inner-clan ratification. Fuck that!
​Simply put we’re striving to achieve special operations war simulation, without the regular arma clan yes sir no sir restrictiveness.

We are unlike most of the other arma clans out there. With their stringent requirements in-game and what is required of you to join. That simply isn't what we do, you've found us and we know why you're here. That's why, upon your application there won't be any basic, boring as fuck training package, where you're subject to a long drawn out recruitment process and ''taught'' formations or the basics of fire and manoeuvre.

You won't be marginalised or separated from the members and spoken to in a condescending way because you're new. If you choose to join; you will be placed directly into your unit and expected to hit the ground running, on ops, clan training and leading. We are looking for a specific type of personality to join our ranks.

All of our members are encouraged to participate in our daily training sessions, in which we cover a plethora of SOF scenarios.
These sessions include;
  • Advanced CQB and Breaching
  • Advanced Trauma Life Support
  • Terminal Attack Control
  • Flight Dynamic Insertions​
  • Plus much more
Advanced Courses
  • Breaching
  • Scout Sniper
  • Foreign Weapons
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ​

We offer two types of operations.
  • Hardcore
  • Regular
With our Hardcore ops we run one life campaigns. The HC server will eliminate your HUD, it will lock you to first person only, it will enforce the use of the advanced flight model, increase the lethality of all types of ammunition and explosives, it re configures your stamina in-order to accurately portray the fitness levels of special warfare operators so you can fight harder for longer, It fine tunes the ace medical system to enlarge the necessity for team medics, and permadeath is a real threat unless you are casevaced to a trauma unit within a certain amount of time. And much, much more. This server is for only the most elite players. War simulation at its most finest and lethal.

With our Regular operations things are just as intense yet a little more forgiving in terms of the medical system, we allow 1st and 3rd person, you have the choice to use the advanced flight model, unlimited revives and no permadeath. This is our most popular choice for newer guys. This is for those who want to jump in game and shoot the shit!

We of course run a mixture of both on separate alive servers so you can pick and choose what missions you play and in what type of enviorment.

Our missions involve true to life special forces operations. Including current, past or ongoing missions in their vastest form with a wide variety of detailed, difficult and challenging environments.
DEVGRU Missions
  • Direct Action
  • Special Reconnaissance
  • Foreign Internal Defense
  • Unconventional Warfare
  • Combat Search and Rescue
  • Counterdrug 
  • Combating Terrorism
  • Maritime 

​160th SOAR (A) Missions
  • Attack Missions
  • Insertion/Extraction of special operations forces
  • Reconnaissance

So, if you feel DEVGRU is for you then submit your application on the next page AND join us on teamspeak.